Nadine M. Jarmon, Ph.D.


Prior to joining Griffon Group, LLC as the Managing Director for the central region, Dr. Jarmon spent two years as a Community Renaissance Fellow at the Yale School of Management. During that time she also finished her doctoral studies and served as Special Assistant to the Executive Director of the Housing Authority
of Louisville (HAL) where she worked on the Park DuValle HOPE VI Revitalization Program. This $180 million neighborhood recovery effort has been heralded as one of the premier HOPE VI projects nationwide. At HAL, Dr. Jarmon developed the first performance-based contract for the delivery of CSS services. She
also worked on Revitalization Plans, acted as a liaison for HAL and the community to the Park DuValle Neighborhood Advisory Council, as well as serving with the newly formed Park DuValle Homeowners Association. Additionally, she has extensive experience with Cost Sharing Agreements, ground leases, admissions and occupancy plans, property management plans, mixed finance agreements and home ownership programs.

While in Louisville, Dr. Jarmon has served as a member of the Family Self Sufficiency Appeals Board, the Metropolitan Housing Coalition, the Board of Directors of the Louisville Tenants Association and many other local organizations including the Norfolk Revitalization Project in Jefferson County, KY.

Prior to her move to Louisville, Dr. Jarmon was a Research/Teaching Assistant at the University of Houston, where she studied minority settlement patterns in urban housing, based upon demographic trends, ethnicity data and census tract analysis. She also led the formation of diversity initiatives and multicultural initiatives for the University.

Dr. Jarmon has written extensively on low-income housing trends as they occur on the national, state and local levels. She has also developed housing strategies based on studies of demographic data, analysis of gaming industry influences and other modern urban trends.

Dr. Jarmon received her Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Central Arkansas, her Masters in Business Administration from the University of Houston, her Masters in Public Administration from the University of Texas and her Doctorate of Philosophy in Urban and Public Affairs from the University of Texas.

Dr. Jarmon was added to HUD’s list of HOPE VI expediters in the spring of 2000 and is designated as an expediter under Griffon’s current contract with HUD.

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